Regional Training Workshop for Southern African Countries on Energy Statistics and Efficiency


Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-3 October 2019: The African Energy Commission (AFREC), in collaboration with the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) - GIZ and the International Energy Agency (IEA), organized the 3rd regional training workshop for the Southern African countries on "Energy Statistics, Residential Sector, Energy Efficiency Data Collection and Initial Step towards the Creation of Energy Efficiency Database for Industrial Sector ".

The workshop brought together 44 participants from Southern African countries as well as international various institutions, representatives of the IEA, AEEP, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of South Africa, the South African Power Pool (SAPP) and SADC Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREEE).

Mr. Abdoulaye Oueddo, Senior Policy Officer at AFREC expressed his sincere gratitude to the South African government for hosting the workshop and to also GIZ, represented by Mr. Crispen Zana for their support and close collaboration for the programme. In his presentation he outlined new programmes for AFREC which have been spread into 5 pillars including: African Energy Information System Improvement (AEIS), Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Transition and Oil and Gas Programmes.

Mr. Crispen, representative of GIZ & AEEP, thanked AFREC for the partnership and was pleased to see the Member States’ dedication on the energy statistic programme. He expressed the need for Africa to realize the importance of its renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower energy. "If Africa wants to achieve the SGDs and Agenda 2063 goals, it’s important to start all necessary processes right now and through AFREC, if we have access to reliable statistics that could support the energy policy making in the continent then we can be a winner" said Mr. Zana.

Mr. Francesco Mattion, IEA representative reiterated IEA commitment in supporting Africa’s Energy development policies as per the MoU signed with AU as well as in improving the situation of energy statistics, energy efficiency and energy transition programmes. ''Energy Efficiency will be a source programme for the development of Africa. There would be no good policy without good energy program.'' concluded Mr. Mattion.

About the Workshop: Participants received hands-on training on the methodologies and tools on energy statistics and energy efficiency data collection and how to organize energy data at the national level through different resources and sectors of the economy. The workshop also stressed the lack of statistical data from AU Member States countries and focal point’s difficulties in collecting and reporting data to AFREC. The focus was therefore on how to identify the best energy efficiency indicators for residential and Industry sectors and how to use the basic energy data to establish comprehensive and accurate energy balances through a coherent definitions and units, thus, enable consistent regional and international reporting.

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