Les énergies renouvelables en Afrique

Pourtant, les éoliennes sont rares en Afrique, un continent aux énormes besoins énergétiques et au potentiel éolien important.

Structure institutionnelle

Council of Ministers

The Conference is the Highest authority of the Commission.

The Council of Ministers is constituted by a specialised technical Committee (STC) on Transport, Transcontinental and interregional Infrastructure, Energy and Tourism (STC-TTIIET).  

The Committee which constitute various nominated ministers responsible for energy from the Members states meet in an ordinary session once every two (2) years at the Headquarters of the Commission or in any Member State upon the recommendation of the Conference.

The Committee may meet in extra-ordinary session at the request of the Executive Board or a Member State and subject to the concurrence of at least two-thirds of the Member States of the Commission.

Executive Board

As prescribed in the AFREC Convention, AFREC Executive Board serve’s for a period of two years. It shall hold one ordinary meeting every year at the Headquarters of the Commission or in any Member State upon the recommendation of the Board. It may also meet in extra-ordinary session under conditions to be specified in the Rules of Procedure of the Commission;

It shall be composed as follows:

  • Fifteen senior energy experts representing Member States, elected on the basis of the AU criteria for geographical representation and on a rotational basic
  • Senior energy expert of the Organization of African Unity representing the Secretary-General
  • One duly appointed representative of each of the RECs, ex-officio
  • One duly appointed representative of the Union of Producers, Conveyors and Distributors of Electric Power in Africa (UPEDEA), ex-officio
  • A senior energy expert of the African Development Bank, ex-officio
  • A senior energy expert of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ex-officio
  • The Executive Director who shall serve as the Secretary of the Board.

The Board shall be answerable to the Conference/Council of Minister.

Currently, AFREC has no Board in place and is working towards install one.

Technical Advisory Committee

AFREC founding convention prescribe that the 'Technical Advisory Body 'shall comprise the RECs, Joint Secretariat of the OAU/ECA/ADB/UN Agencies operating in the energy sector such as UNEP, UNDP, UNDESA, UNIDO, FAO and UNESCO as well as relevant regional and sub-regional entities dealing with energy as the World Energy Council (WEC).

It shall be a consultative forum on energy policies, programmes, projects and related activities. It shall provide, more particularly, advisory and technical assistance to the Commission.

Le Secrétariat

Le Secrétariat de la Commission est dirigé par le Directeur exécutif assisté par le personnel nécessaire. Le Secrétariat fournit des services de secrétariat à toutes les sessions des organes de la Commission, assure la gestion quotidienne de la Commission, lance des études, collecte et analyse des informations et des données, et convoque des réunions, des symposiums, des expositions ainsi que des groupes et panels d'experts qu'il juge nécessaires à la mise en œuvre de ses programmes de travail et des activités qui lui sont confiées par la Conférence ou le Conseil exécutif.