AFREC supports Mozambique to develop a NEIS


The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) in Mozambique has embarked upon developing a National Energy Information System (NEIS).

The Project which is supported by the European Union (EU) aim to support Mozambique to develop an energy resource centre, to ensure there is an increase in equitable access to sustainable and affordable clean energy by developing a comprehensive energy data system.

AFREC participated in the kickoff meeting of the project as part of its mandate to support all its member states in realising the importance of developing a National Energy Information system which will mirror AFREC's continental energy Information system.

AFREC broad mandate on energy information system is to ensure the institution is equipped with the ability it design, create and update an energy continental database and facilitate the rapid dissemination and exchange of energy information across, first with Member States and then to stakeholders globally.

In addition, it is AFRECs responsibility to provide technical assistance to Member States, regional Economic Communities, Power pools and other stakeholders in the African energy sector, through capacity building and increasing knowledge and skills for statisticians across the continent and ensuring that there is credible, updated and reliable energy data which is accessible by all African Countries.

Mozambique NEIS will help the country to have access to reliable and credible data which can be easily accessed for planning and decision making. Mozambique is one of the countries in Africa which produce a large amount of energy fuel such as Natural Gas, Hydroelectricity charcoal amongst others. Hence, the development of the National Information system will also contribute and attract research opportunities as well as investment form development partners who wish to invest in the Mozambican energy sector.

AFREC therefore commend the Mozambican Government and the EU for this joint initiative, and look forward to collaborate with all partners to provide technical support and capacity building until the development of the Mozambican NEIS is successful.

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