Theme: Building a harmonized and centralized Energy data through the Africa Energy Information System


Date & Time:Wednesday, 21st October 2020, from 13h00 to 14h15 GMT,

Contacts: Oueddoa@africa-union.org
Public Relations: NakwafilaN@africa-union.org

Organisers: African Energy Commission (AFREC), African Development Bank (AfDB), during the Africa Energy Forum (AEF).

Background Information

An essential driver of the emerging data revolution in Africa is the strengthening of the statistical function at the pan-African organizations, namely the African Union (AU), the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) to address the issue of statistical underdevelopment in the Region. Among other responsibilities, these pan-African organizations are mandated to play a significant role in ensuring the harmonization of statistics in Africa and developing a continental statistical database. The African Energy Commission (AFREC) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) a specialized technical agency of African Union (AU), have collaborated to build a modern Energy Information System (AEIS) for the African Continent. This webinar event will have the opportunities to (i) reiterate to the audience that the African Union Commission and the African Development Bank recognize the importance of availability of reliable and up to date data in the African energy sector. (ii) introduce the 2020 AEIS to different stakeholders; (iii) highlight the key features of the AEIS as a tool for harmonization and coordination of statistical activities as well as rationalization of collection and dissemination of statistical information in Africa; (iv) establish and/or enhance collaboration and partnership among stakeholders around the AEIS.

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Past Webinar 1: Carbon Trading: Panacea or Placebo for Africa’s Energy and Climate Policies?

Date & Time:Thursday, 08 October 2020, 1400h GMT

The African Energy Commission (AFREC) of the African Union, the South Centre, and the Clean Energy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) are pleased to collaborate in presenting this series of Zoom webinars on “Powering Africa after Covid-19: Options for Energy.”

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Theme: Energy for sustainable development in Africa in the post - COVID19 world – looking for the New Normal

Topic 2: Sustainable Energy for Africa: transition through growth. How to boost output, improve access and reduce impact on the nature and society?

Technologies, scenarios, strategies, sources of finance and business models

Date & Time: Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 1300h GMT

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Topic 1: COVID-19 impact actions across Africa. First-hand information from policymakers and leading experts

Date & Time: Thursday, 16 July 2020, 1300h GMT

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Info: NakwafilaN@africa-union.org or info.ceipartnership@gmail.com