In this region, most of the oil production is provided by Nigeria where the reserves are substantial. But production is limited by the situation in the Niger Delta. Côte d'Ivoire is a significant producer, but little is known about its production. Production in Mauritania turned out to be very disappointing. Interesting prospects exist in Ghana. An important discovery has just been made in Sierra Leone, revealing possibilities for increased discoveries in Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia, located between Sierra Leone and Ghana. Limited production could come from Benin, Niger, or even Mali or Senegal.

The oil produced in the Gulf of Guinea is of very good quality, with very low sulfur content and generally low density.

Western Africa was the second largest in Africa on the share of charcoal production at 32.6% of the 15,271 kt produced in 2018. The Western Africa region tops the list of regions with the highest share of Total Final Consumption at 36.82% in the same year. According to the AFREC Energy Balance, the Total Primary Energy Supply in 2018 for the Central Africa region was 63041.3 ktoe. Electricity is produced mostly from hydropower followed by fossil thermals.

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Total Final Consumption (2019)
11,12Mus$ 2010
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