AFREC’s energy balance 2020 show that Malawi’s energy balance is dominated by biomass (firewood, charcoal, agricultural and industrial wastes), which accounts for large percentage of the total primary energy supply (6,411 ktoe). Demand for wood fuel exceeds the available sustainable supply and the deficit is increasing every year. Malawi has no indigenous sources of oil or natural gas. Diminishing standing stock is leading into gradual reduction of biomass that can be harvested. Household sector consumes about 94% of biomass energy and the rest is distributed among other sectors.

Key Figures

18,63 M
Population (2019)
0,58 kus$
GDP/capita (2019)
14,83 GJ/capita
Energy Consumption/Pop. (2018)
6,43 Mtoe
Total Primary Energy Supply (2018)
5,87 Mtoe
Total Final Consumption (2018)
10,22 Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)