The energy production in Botwana has been consistently been supplied by coal, oil and biomass. These sources have been almost been produced in equal shares since 2000. Biomass has the highest share of TFC at 45% and is closely followed by oil at 42%. Botwana is one of the countries in Africa that have the largest share of biomass consumption in the household sector of up to 92%. Electricity is consumed mostly in the industry sector at 33% which is then followed by communication and public services at 27% and the household sector closes the top 3 list of sector at 30%.

Botswana has an estimated 212.8 Billion metric tonnes of coal reserves found in various locations, although only the reserves at Morupule are being mined for electricity generation. Electricity generation has been dominated by overdependence on coal as a primary source of energy largely because of its abundance and alleged cost-effectiveness. Most electric power is generated thermally in installations run by the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), a public enterprise established in 1970. It is government owned monopoly with vertical integration supplies most electricity in the country especially in urban areas. In the remainder of the country diesel generators are estimated to supply over 20 MW of energy to villages, rural schools, hospitals, police stations and prisons.

LPG is steadily gaining in popularity in the low-income households because of convenience, and because of localized scarcity of wood fuel. Total installed electricity capacity (2006) 0.13 GW from thermal generation (100% coal). In 2008, 80% of Botswana's electricity is imported from South Africa's Eskom, otherwise Zambia and Zimbabwe. All of Botswana's refined oil needs are supplied by South Africa, except for a small supply to the western part of the country by Namibia.

Key Figures

2,30 M
Population (2019)
8,02 kus$
GDP/capita (2019)
46,08 GJ/capita
Energy Consumption/Pop. (2018)
2,48 Mtoe
Total Primary Energy Supply (2018)
2,09 Mtoe
Total Final Consumption (2018)
18,64 Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)