The region produces virtually no oil and the outlook is not favorable (except in Namibia where ancient and recent discoveries have been made). Southern Africa region is characterized by coal production and South Africa's nuclear fleet.

Almost 100% of the 275 245 kt of coal produced in Africa was from the Southern Africa Region in 2018. Similarly it is in this region that produces almost all the nuclear energy on the continent of up to 15 410 GWh in the same year. Additionally the region also leads the continent on its share of hydropower at 31.11% of the total share in Africa. This is the region that has the second largest share of electricity generation at 37.51% of the 369,036 GWh produced in 2018.

Key Figures

Population (2019)
Total Primary Energy Supply (2019)
Total Final Consumption (2019)
642,84Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)