Bioenergy Programme

Bioenergy program aims to improve monitoring, reporting and the sustainability of the bioenergy resources in African countries with higher bioenergy production and consumption.

Bioenergy in Africa is consumed as a biomass fuel. Biomass remain one of the important and useful energy source for Africa. It is primarily used for cooking purposes at residential level. Its consumable share is almost 50% of its total energy supply, making Africa by far the world’s largest consumer continent of traditional biomass energy.

With an estimate population of 900 million people lacking clean cooking facilities and over 600 million lack access to electricity, two thirds of the African countries depend on more than 50% of total final energy consumption for biomass. One third are estimated to depend on the resource for more than 80% and a few countries for over 90%.

Hence, AFREC bioenergy programme will strengthen and provide an opportunity for capacity building within its all its 55 member states, on bioenergy data collection and / or use of existing sources of information to provide robust estimates.

AFREC will also support member states to create bioenergy database which is in sync with the African Energy Information System (AEIS) and enhance sustainable cooperation among key stakeholders in Africa, and around the world to improve reporting, quality data availability and monitoring and sustainability of bioenergy resources in Africa. The programme will also devise feasible strategies, and policies aimed at transforming the bioenergy sector.