18 May 2022
The African Energy Information System

African Energy Information System and Database (AEIS) is a continental information management system which aims at collecting energy statistics and facilitate rapid dissemination and exchange of information amongst African Union Member States, regional and international organisations, the public and other stakeholders.

AFREC has two (2) Focal Points in each African country namely: Focal Point on Energy Statistics and Focal Point for Energy Efficiency, nominated by the Ministers in charge of Energy.

Since 2006, AFREC collects energy data from all its AU member states, through customised energy questioners developed together with member states Focal points. The AEIS was revamped in 2021 to improve data quality of input, adhere to energy data collection and reporting international standards as well as adapt to the energy data needs of Member States (MS).

The AEIS database structure is composed of the following data management tools: Energy data collection questionnaires and data visualisation tool.

The AEIS assemble energy data information for energy balance, energy efficiency, energy prices and taxes, power plants, CO2 Emission and Tracking of the SDG7 on energy. This information is used by MS to get insights into raw and processed statistics on energy supply, transformation and consumption for all African countries.

The data assists Member states, and regional, continental and international stakeholders to plan and make informed decisions related to energy development and accessibility, in cognisant of energy as a scarce commodity in Africa.

AFREC annually update the AEIS and publish publications such as:


Capacity Building Programme for Member States

  • AFREC has identified the following areas on capacity building on energy data management tailored for member states:
  • Enhancing data collection at National level through collaborative efforts on knowledge sharing ad practices.
  • Mobilising resources and assisting MS to establishing National Energy Information Systems (NEIS).
  • Improving existing National Energy Information Systems (NEIS).
  • Continuous training programmes to enhance skills development on energy data statistics across member states.
  • Regional training for energy National Focal Points.
  • Training trainers of others in energy statics, data collection and reporting.