AFREC’s energy balance 2020 show that the total primary energy supply in Tunisia  was 10,590 ktoe. Although Tunisia disposes of significant biomass resources, energetic use of biomass is today mainly seen for cooking purposes in rural areas and some industries. In 2018, the country produced 1,990kt of crude oil. And exported 868kt of the crude oil. On the other hand, Tunisia produced 2,395 Mcm of natural gas and proceeded to import 3,980Mcm into the country.

The largest share of total final consumption was dominated by oil products at 50%. This was followed by natural gas at 20%, electricity at 12% and biofuel and waste at 12%. Most of the natural gas are used in the industry sector at 58% and the rest is mostly used in the households at 16%, commerce and public sector at 12%, transport at 12% and agriculture 2%.

Key Figures

11,69 M
Population (2019)
3,32 kus$
GDP/capita (2019)
40,41 GJ/capita
Energy Consumption/Pop. (2019)
11,29 Mtoe
Total Primary Energy Supply (2019)
8,25 Mtoe
Total Final Consumption (2019)
50,94 Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)