AFREC’s energy balance 2020 show that, the total primary energy supply in 2018 was 17799ktoe. The traditional energy sources (wood, charcoal and plant waste) are used extensively, especially in rural areas, but they do appear in the national energy balance with the part of 8%. The sources of electricity generation is mainly from fossil thermal. However, from Morocco has lately been diversifying it energy mix to considerably include solar/wind renewable energy sources apart from hydro power that also contributes to electricity generation.

Key Figures

36,47 M
Population (2019)
3,28 kus$
GDP/capita (2019)
25,68 GJ/capita
Energy Consumption/Pop. (2019)
22,37 Mtoe
Total Primary Energy Supply (2019)
16,76 Mtoe
Total Final Consumption (2019)
126,23 Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)