Mauritania also relies on petroleum products which supply 68% to generate electricity according to AFREC’s energy balance 2020. The second source of electricity generation is hydro power that takes up to 28% and solar 4% of the total electricity generated to meet the country’s commercial energy needs. The main petroleum fuel product is diesel oil, following by fuel oil and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Total primary energy supply in 2018 was 1760 ktoe. In general, Mauritania offers a broad variety of biomass resources. Formerly, crop waste (rice husk, rice straw, etc.) were produced annually and offered an energy potential of about 3.7 GWh.

Key Figures

4,53 M
Population (2019)
1,68 kus$
GDP/capita (2019)
16,74 GJ/capita
Energy Consumption/Pop. (2018)
1,76 Mtoe
Total Primary Energy Supply (2018)
1,22 Mtoe
Total Final Consumption (2018)
6,17 Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)