29 June 2021 09:30

30 June 2021 17:00


A workshop with SADC member states to present the results emanating from the Regional Electricity Savings Assessment study conducted in partnership with United Environmental programme (UNEP), through the United for energy efficiency (U4E).

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COP26:Opportunities and Challenges for African Energy Transition

The conference aim to provide a platform for a public discussion on Africa’s common position on energy transition in relation to ‘‘opportunities and challenges for Africa’s Energy Transition to reach

4 November 2021 12:00
To: 4 November 2021 23:00

International Workshop On Bioenergy Monitoring And Reporting In Africa

Theme: Better understanding of the bioenergy situation in Africa When: 22-24 June 2021 Where: Virtual Zoom Time: 15:00 to 18:00

22 June 2021 15:00
To: 24 June 2021 18:00
Power Grid workshop

Capacity Building on Eco-Efficient Power Transformer

A half-day tailored remote Capacity Building Training Sessions on Energy Efficient and Eco-Designed Power Distribution Transformers for the member countries of the ECREEE region, in order to introduce

13 July 2021 10:00
To: 13 July 2021 00:00

Energy for sustainable development in Africa in the post Covid19

Joint webinar with AFREC, the SOUTH CENTRE, ECREEE on the New Normal Energy for sustainable development in Africa in the post-COVID19 world.

16 July 2020 13:00
To: 22 July 2020 13:00

Carbon Trading: Panacea or Placebo for Africa’s Energy and Climate Policies?

Presenting Zoom Webinar series on “Powering Africa after Covid-19: Options for Energy''. Hosted by the African Energy Commission (AFREC) of the African Union in collaboration with the South Centre

8 October 2020 13:00