In this region, large projects have been inaugurated in recent years. In 2018, the Turkana wind farm, the largest on the continent with a capacity of 310 megawatts (MW), in the far north of Kenya launched. In 2019, the country has completed a fifth geothermal unit (Olkaria V, 160 MW) while its neighbor, Uganda, acquired a new hydraulic dam (Isamba, 183 MW). And the region is far from having exhausted its resources. In Ethiopia, the impoundment of the Renaissance mega-dam is expected to produce 6,000 MW in the year 2022.

Electricity production even ended up exceeding consumption in this region which is less than fifteen years ago, faced a serious energy crisis. Power Africa, a program created by former US President Barack Obama to expand access to electricity in Africa, said in a recent report that "overcapacity is anticipated in the region."

According to the AFREC Energy Balance in 2018, Eastern Africa leads in Africa on the share of charcoal production at 36.4% of the 15,271 kt. However it was the lowest in Africa in the share of electricity generation that stand at 6.37% of the total share which was 124,005.24 ktoe.

The region enjoys a good energy mix especially in terms of energy sources that are used to generate electricity. These sources were dominated by hydropower, followed by fossil thermal, geothermal energy, solar/wind energy and the least was biofuels and waste.

Key Figures

Population (2019)
Total Primary Energy Supply (2019)
Total Final Consumption (2019)
330,30Mus$ 2010
GDP (2019)