African Energy Information System (AEIS)

In order to fulfilling its mandate, AFREC has created a first ever a comprehensive “African Energy Information System (AEIS)” and database through creation of a series of energy databases of which the “African Energy Statistics Database” (AESD) has already developed, published and disseminated since 2012 annually in addition to the Biomass Database and Hydropower Database.

AFREC in collaboration with the Ministers in-Charge of Energy in Africa established a network of National Focal Points in the Ministries in-charge of energy around the continent to collect the energy data of their countries and assist in the creation of the African Energy Information System (AEIS).

AFREC publish annually Africa Energy Database which contains the Energy Balance for all African countries from 2000 to 2018 and for Africa from 2012 to 2018. The 2018 version has published in December 2018 and currently working 2019 version.

AFREC has two (2) Focal Points in each African country nominated by Ministers in charge of Energy, Focal Point of Energy Statistics and Focal Point of Energy Efficiency.

African Energy Statistics in 2019 will expand the coverage to include the following: The Carbone dioxide (CO2) emission. Energy Prices and Taxes data. Indeed.

AFREC started creation of the African Energy Efficiency Indicators Database for Residential Sector in 2017 and the first version of this publication published and disseminated in March 2019.